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Solar Home Light System

EFI -Home light system is specially designed for lithium battery. EFI- Home light system is a good choice for your home in tough environment. We can adjust 510 time stages. The Home Light Systems from EFI include high quality solar panel, LED Tube & Fan. This innovative design makes it easy to install.

EFI Electronics manufactures and supplies the Solar Home light system in Mumbai which makes use of the PIR motion sensor to easily adjust the LED light brightness. These lights detect any movement and glow at full brightness. This solar home light system is adjustable and contains lithium-ion battery technology which delivers longer backup time and good battery life.

  • All in 1 solar DC small home lighting kit
  • Ideal to light up a small house without electricity
  • USB heads cable for Charging
  • Solar Panel - Poly Crystalline
  • Automatic selection of 12V/24V battery-no manual operation
  • Fuse less software-controlled protections